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Rapper “Common” Says BET Weekend Beefs Are So ’90s

June 29, 2017

common-photo-by-paras-griffingetty-images-1 Rapper "Common" Says BET Weekend Beefs Are So '90s Celebrities Entertainment Foreign

If you’re a rapper starting fights during BET weekend in L.A., then you might as well be rockin’ FUBU and JNCO jeans, or just plain have too much time on your hands, at least according to Common. We got Common at LAX Wednesday and asked him about the multiple heated run-ins at the BET Awards.

He doesn’t blame BET for all the commotion. You gotta watch the video … Common thinks he’s done with our photog, but as the SUV window closes our guy mentions the ’90s, Common processes the question, rolls the window down and makes it clear … the ’90s rap game should RIP.

This year’s BET Awards will not only be remembered for lightning performances, but for the reemergence of the rough and tumble of hip hop beef, and rapper Common has waded in on the trend.

The glitz and glamour of one of entertainment’s top weekends was nearly overshadowed by fiery encounters off stage, and in some cases, onstage… as fans of Nicki Minaj know only too well.

After Philly rapper Meek Mill’s crew roughed it out with Safaree Samuels as part of a continuing love triangle with Nicki Minaj in the middle, footage emerged of Chris Brown lashing out at Migos moments after the show.

As the dust settles from the weekend, rapper Common has choice words for beefing stars, saying such confrontations are dated and hip hop could do with some peace right about now.